Bauhaus Mid Bass

Price is $3500-$4100, depending on options.
Starts off as an off-set that resembles the Tiki shape but with mega style points.
Inspired by the art-deco Bauhaus German design school. This EB style mid option is a touring bass players dream.
Want a bass that turns heads?

2Body 21.5” length 12.5” width
31.5/8″ scale length
Neck normal C/b
Fretboard Radius 10-12 compound
Fret wire is 6105
Fretboard rosewood

Body Ash or Alder.

Stop tail bridge, Bigsby or Staytrem.
Pickups are custom wound to my specs by myself in my shop. I can also supply any other manufacture pickups.

G&G case.
This bass never weighs more than 8.69 pounds with normal options. This bass can be a chambered instrument for tons of open spooky notes and lightweight action.

All guitars are custom built, so modifications are possible.  Custom shapes, colors and designs are available upon request.

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