Minus the Bear - Jake Snider
Swami John Reis - Rocket From the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu
Helio Sequence -
Spoon - Britt Daniel, Rob Pope
Spoon - Eric Harvey, Alex Fischel
The Shins, Broken Bells -James Mercer
Rogue Wave - Zack Rogue, Patrick Spergon
Scott Mcpherson - Elliott Smith M.Ward
Curtis Novak Pickups
The Album Leaf, Brad Lee, Ghram LeBron
The SO SO Glos- Alex Levine, Ryan Levine
Pinback - Rob Crow
Barbarian -Andrew Mills, Seton Edergton
The Creepy Creeps - Dave Warshaw
Brian Sours - Sour Sound Amplifiers
Three Mile Pilot- Zack Armistead Burwell Smith IV
Mike Kennedy - Drive Like Jehu
Adam Grimm - Satellite Amplifiers
Otis Bperiod - Queen of Cardiff fuzzy lizards
Rick Froberg - Hot Snakes, Obits, Drive Jike Jehu
Singing Serpent Studios -Glen Galloway
Rafter Roberts - Producer
The Briefs, The Cute Lepers - Stevie Nicks
The SPITS - Sean Wood
Thaddeus Robles - Cave Punk, The Heartaches
SDRL Studio - Brad Lee

Rocket From the Crypt - Andy Stamets
Death Cab for Cutie - Chris Walla
Modest Mouse - Isaac Brock
Gus Van Sant - Director
Juno, Ghost Wars - Arlie Carstens
The Night Marchers - Thomas Kitsos
Blackout Party -Brian Holwerda, Tim Lowman
Hot Snakes - Gar Wood
The Drags - Ron Skrasek
Chris Prescott- Pinback
Mrs. Magician - Tommy Garcia, Jacob Turnbloom
The Decemberists - Chris Funk
The Shins, Scared Of Chaka - Dave Hernandez
Your Highness Electric - Brandon Bondehagen
The Smiths - Johnny Marr
Octa Grape - Jason Begin, Glen Galloway
The Exploding Hearts
Hard Fall Hearts - Bryan Kelly, Andrew Verdugo
Ceekey Jones - La Coka Nostra, Stereo Chemix
Brad Mackeson
Austin Lucas
SeaWolf - Joey Ficken
The Lonesome Billies - Clayton McCune
Ben Moore - Producer
Minus The Bear, Kill Sadie - Cory Murchey