Madrid Guitars is Located in San Diego, California and is owned and operated by Brandon Madrid, Master Luthier of over 20 years.  Brandon artfully crafts one-of-a-kind instruments by hand.  Madrid Guitars is also one of the country’s leading full service repair and restoration shops.  Offering structural repair, frett-work, neck resets, anything an instrument needs – Brandon can do.  Brandon has been on several world tours as a Guitar Technician and through his experience understands how to support the needs of professional touring musicians.  Brandon started his career in Portland, Oregon working for years, hands on with master Acoustic Luthier Charles Fox were he learned the art of guitar making by hand. Then through the years worked with many other Luthiers to master his skill set for restoration.

Brandon’s custom instruments are designed with a focus on tone and playability. Originally trained in building acoustic instruments, Brandon uses techniques to produce light weight guitars that result in exceptional sound. Madrid has been recognized in several national publications for his restoration and custom instruments. 

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