Madrid Guitars is one of the leading full service repair shops in California. Specializing in Acoustic restoration high end vintage Guitar and Amplifer restoration, acoustic neck resets, and structural repairs but we also offer full restorations on electric insturments, fretwork, setups, finish work, custom electronics, pick up repair- rewind and restoration of vintage pickups, heat straightening treatments on warped necks basically any large restoration project you have makes us excited.

With over twenty-five years personal hands-on experience working with some of the best Luthiers in the industry, Brandon Madrid is an expert in the field and extremely knowledgeable about rare and vintage instruments. In addition to guitars, we work on a wide range of instruments, from vintage amplifiers to custom created parts. There is nothing Brandon cant do or has not done in he’s amazing 25 year career.

We will help return your favorite instruments to their best condition!

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